Icon Design


Icon Design

Icons are important form of communication. Icons are essential in any graphical user interface. Icons are the signs and sentinels that guide visitors through the digital world. They are effective visual clues for performing tasks or navigating to a certain location. In order to have our products successful you need to be different from your competitors. You have to make the application stand out in the crowd, where custom icon plays an important role in the competition. The most important advantage of designing custom icon is the designer will be able to create the icons according to your design specifications.

In Live Web Solution, our competent graphic designers provide modern and insightful icon design services to fulfill your icon needs. Icons used for toolbars, navigation elements, or buttons directly refer to specific functions your application provides. We design various type of icon designs i.e., toolbar and menu icons, logo icon design, website icons and software icon design. Each of these icons is created specially according to their purposes. Icons are important because icon reflects the function of advertising software.

We offer services in our Icon design:

  • Theme based icons
  • App based icon design
  • Template based icons
  • Iphone icons
  • Windows vista icons
  • Stylish and trendy icons
  • Glossy icons
  • Mobile icon design
  • Apple / MAC icons
  • 3d icons
  • Software icons