Content Optimization


Content Optimization

One important feature of SEO methodology also can be laid emphasis to the factor encompassing content optimization. This is perhaps the single most important aspect of ranking your website highly on the search engines. Although these days inbuilt links are more important than the content, but optimization of content can help us to create content that is unaffected by changes in search engine algorithms.

A proper content site will be able to rank earlier in every search engine. We offer the website content optimization procedure to give you page displayed on top of searches ahead of billions and billions of pages. We identify rising areas of opportunity then control and distribute your content to improve your on the whole presence, enhance traffic levels, and assist meet your objectives.

In the algorithmic calculations, there are several characteristics of your website content. These are:

Special Text (bold, colored, etc.)
Heading Tags
Keyword Density
Inline Text Links

  • Special Text

“Special text” is any content that highlighted text in your web page. This contains italic, bold, underlined, highlighted and colored. This website content provides two functions. The first is to draw attention on these words and support the “brand” and the second one is to add power to the “Search Engine Positioning” part of the name.

  • Heading Tags

The heading tag is code utilized to state to the visitor and to the search engines what the subject is of your page and/or subsections of it. You have 6 predefined caption labels to effort with ranging from<H5> to <H6>.

  • Keyword Density

Keyword density is the fraction of your total content, which is invented of your aimed keywords. There is a lot argue in debates, SEO have a chat accommodation and the like as to what the “optimal” keyword thickness might be. Approximate appear to range from 3% to 10%.

  • Inline Text Links

Inline text links are used for two functions. The first one is to show way to discover the information you are referring to. The second one is to offer further weight to this expression for the page on which the link is placed and also to provide weight to the object page.

Our Technical Expertise Includes:


XHTML 1.0 Strict / Transitional , CSS 2.1 (CSS3) , Search Engine Optimization , Pixel precise , Tableless coding , Commented code , Dynamic HTML: hover states, dynamic drop down menus etc. , Fluid width layouts , SSI (PHP) includes Implementation in existing scripts , W3C Validated and compliant , Cross browser compatible (IE 6+, FF 2+, Opera 9+, Safari 2+) , SEO Semantic , Pixel precise , Optimized for load speed , Logically structured , Clean code , Easy to update , Self explanatory in terms of class names , Accessible for people with disabilities , 50% discount on additional pages ,