Animated Banner and Header Design


Banner and Header Design

Website Headers (also Called Page Header) are the thing that visitors are seeing first when web page is opened. Web Header design is the most important part of the website because Website header portrays the theme of website. Our creative Header design service will give you a professional website Header, creating the right impression and sending all the right messages to your visitors. Banner advertising is contemplated the most adequate way of circularizing a company’s service. Live Web Solution makes a pitch of modern banner designing in the various arrangements including animated GIF banners, Macromedia Flash banners and so more.

Web banners have different types. Some of the banners are utilized for the scrupulous website body or header area and other banners is utilize for different website for building more business through advertisement. Our creative and experienced designer team give excellent custom banner designing services.

Header gives the user idea about the functions of website. It helps to create good looking website, which increases web traffic. There various types of headers are used for website. These are:

  • Simple web header designs
  • Graphic images header designs
  • Flash header designs
  • Picture header design

Utility of headers in a website:

  • Displaying your logo.
  • Displaying visual links to different pages
  • Incorporating a search bar
  • Displaying a randomly selected image
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Advertising your products or services